Holster For Geeks

The TechSling

Left side:

The TechSling includes a single 10.75x6.5" snap pocket compatible with:

Right side:

The TechSling includes a 3x4.5" snap pocket compatible with:

The TechSling also includes a 7x6.5" zipper pocket for holding:

The TechSling Mini

Left side:

The TechSling Mini includes a single 8x5" snap pocket compatible with:

Right side:

The TechSling Mini includes the same Right side as the TechSling.

Common Features

Quality Points:

Materials: (All manufactured in the USA)

Fabric Options

Main Fabric:

All TechSling syles are constructed with a versatile, lightweight Nylon/Polyester, Mini-Diamond Ripstop fabric and finished with a polyurethane and water repellent coating. This 400 X 300 Denier nylon fabric is specially constructed to prevent rips and tears and is a popular choice for luggage, bags, medical aprons and custom cases.


Nylon Polyester Diamond Ripstop: Cinnamon, Light Gray, Tan, Blue, Black

Fabric Colors

Custom Fabrics:

Magnatuff™—a 600 Denier Polyester fabric with a 0.75 oz. polyurethane back coating. This medium-weight versatile polyester material is commonly used to make luggage, sport and duffel bags, purses, air duct systems and aprons. Its durable blend also makes it popular in manufacturing cases and covers.


Magnatuff™— 600 Denier Polyester fabric: Navy, Black

Fabric Colors

**  Ask us about our Magnatuff FR™ fire-retardant option as well as custom colors and embroidery options.**